Login Help


I did not receive my verification email

If you do not receive your verification email, check your spam folder, if you can't find it, login using your username and password you registered to have the message automatically resent


I still didn't get my verification email

If you still don't receive your verification email, send us a message to "Website Bugs/Error Submission" on our Contact Us page


How can I use Sign In Through Steam?

To be able to use the Sign In Through Steam feature, you will need to associate your steam account with your LANfest login.
To do that, you need to go to the edit profile page and under Extra Stuff heading click the Sign In Through Steam button to be sent to the Steam Login Page, once you have logged in with your steam username/password you will be returned to the LANfest site, your avatar and steam display name should now show with the Sign In Through Steam button
Click on Save Changes.

You will now be able to use Sign In Through Steam feature on our website,
additionally your name on the site/forums will now show your current display name on Steam as well as your Avatar Image from your Steam Community Page