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STEAM Offline Mode and W.O.F

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Tue, 30/09/2008 - 12:11
1. Check your games are ready to play

100% Ready on the expanded games list. NOT 'Updating Paused'

If you not sure, right mouse. properties and check it says

"Always keep this game up to date"

Actually go online and check that

Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike Source
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

Operate and connect to a Server

UPDATE: Updates sometimes need steam to be exited, and restarted to apply. Do that if you leave your PC on all day

2. Preventitive maintenance that IS NEEDED sometimes

Right Mouse on games. Local Files.

If your .GCF files get borked this will fix them

A) verify cache files ... takes a while

B) "Defragment cache files"

Every once and while steam likes to say "You game cache files are fragmented" or something. Even IF YOU NEVER played it in months.

Most likely when your at a LAN and just want a quick game so do it NOW

3. Offline Mode. is a crap shoot

File. Go Offline.

All appears fine until you have no net and try to play sometimes.
I recommend going into OFFLINE MODE and Exit Steam.


Remove NETWORK cable

Start PC cold.

Start steam. OFFLINE mode should be enabled.

Check your Counter Strike Source and HL2 DM work in this mode. TF2 needs the internet for friends community to work.


"Can not be run at this time" See above and try again, Exiting steam this time.

if One (ANY) of your games is not updated fully, you can get offline mode that WONT RUN ANY GAMES.

While your there steam makes a good place to put your NON-Steam games in a menu.

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