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LANfest 2013 Games List

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Sun, 18/08/2013 - 23:40
The Countdown for LANfest 2013 has officially begun!

Here is the list of games we'll have servers for on the day,

The games listed below do not necessarily mean there will be a competition based game on it nor does it mean all games here will actually be played at the LAN
if you have ideas for competitions, post your suggestions up in this thread

Steam Games
All games are expected to be the latest version available on Steam, Backups will be available at the LAN if needed

*Team Fortress 2 is Free To Play

Non-Steam Games
Includes Steam Games that also are available without Steam
Free Games will have latest installation files available at the LAN

Battlefield 2
Version 1.50

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Version 1.7

Crysis Wars **FREE GAME** [LAN Only]
Steam Version Available Bundled with Crysis Warhead

Quake III Arena
Version 1.32

Unreal Tournament 2004
Version 3369

Warsow **FREE GAME**
Version 1.0.2

If you have other game suggestions not shown listed above that have Dedicated LAN Servers available, post them in this thread
We will be updating this post as games are added to the server or updates are released

The games to be used in competitions will be confirmed closer to the event


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Added Warsow Version


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