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Game Stats Now Live!

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Wed, 27/10/2010 - 22:25
As of last week, we now have stats running for our Left4Dead, Left4Dead2 and Team Fortress 2 Servers.

You can see where you currently rank online at anytime by going to

You can also see your stats in game too **all these commands need to be typed into game chat**
For the full menu: /hlx
Your Ranking: rank
Your Stats for the current game: statsme

Set your name for the stats: /hlx_set realname Joe Bloggs
Set your email address for the stats: /hlx_set email
Set your website address for the stats: /hlx_set homepage

If you want to hide your stats in game for any reason: /hlx_hideranking

More information / explanations can be found by clicking "Help" on the stats page

** CLANS! **

If you want your clan details set, PM me your clan info and i can set those on your clan stats page


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