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Lan Now, Today tomrow. 27th dec - 31st

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Mon, 27/12/2010 - 15:49
hey all, my names Josh Zajac use to go to avonmore while back. I live at the mt currently, But my boss allows me to use the office to have Lans in. The desks are all clear since everyone uses Laptops there, its a small Office, that could hold up to 25 gamers and rigs Though im only allowed 10 (there is a 16port 10/100mb Switch and patch panel setup, but there is more room on the patch panel side as the building has 30 ports from memory).. There is a area to make coffees or a small fridge to store your energy source.
If your keen for a Lan gimie a text on
Office Located In Tauranga Town So on a Nice broadband Connection.
Youll Need:
Lan Cable (If u have one)

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