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How to run TF2 on older video cards

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Wed, 08/10/2008 - 21:01
If your running an older pc. having issues with frame rates, or more interested in a high frame rate than pretty looking noobs pwning you while you lag out try this

1. Alter your ATI/Nvidia driver to Optimal Performance / High Performance RATHER than Quality Default

2. Disable V-SYNC and Anti Aliasing

3. Shut down unneeded crap, MSN, MySpaceFacebook, log jam in your try bar.

4. Run in DX 8.1 Mode

Alter the Properties.. Command line to read

-novid -d3d -dxlevel 81 -refresh 60 -heapsize 1048576 -width 1280 -height 1024

5. in console type

cl_showfps 1 to see your actual ingame frames
net_graph 1 to see a lot more stuff. 0 = off again

Want to know what this is all about. Google ->

summary :
Dont want video
-novid is dont show steam head logo movie (save 2 secs load)

force the video type
-d3d = directx not open gl (if even supported)
-dxlevel 81 mean NOT dx9 . instant boost for older cards

screen size and refresh
-refresh 60 . your monitors refresh (FOR RES)
-width X -height Y = What RES.

-heapsize 1GB. I have 1.5 GB so I assign 1GB for game data

NOTE: you video setting are now NOT SAVED so you might want to tweak those and you need to do that every time. I dont bother.

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